Boudoir Photography Specialist

About Caroline Malouf Boudoir photographer.

My Images are inspired by the remarkable people I photograph.

My journey into photography began as a young girl with my big sister’s camera. In high school I discovered that photographing people was what I wanted to do in my life. My major in college eventually changed to business solely for practical purposes; however, my love for art and imagery never left me.

Feelings about my photography can be described in one word: GRATITUDE. I am thankful to those well-respected editorial photographers in the industry that have shared their wealth of knowledge and throughout the years have given me the opportunity to work with them.

God has blessed me with a family that supports me in my continued exploration of this art.I live in beautiful Southern California with my husband and children where I work both on location and in my home studio. I have been privileged to work with outstanding clients, many of whom, I have formed lasting friendships with.