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Boudoir photography is often characterized by intimate, romantic, or suggestive contents and style in which a person, usually in a bedroom or private setting, is the focal point. The term “boudoir” originates from 18th century French, literally translating to “a sulking place,” but commonly referring to a woman’s bedroom. In the origin of the work, sulking was viewed as a private activity, commonly reserved to a private room.

In many ways, boudoir art has been leveraged to empower women and help them control how their bodies are perceived....


Written thank you notes from clients are like getting a massage from best therapist that knows all your spots. There is nothing like it.


Boudoir photography can really get soft and romantic during bridal season which is generally from March to June and then again from October to December. I love dreamy, "glowy", natural light bridal boudoir photography with tons of bokeh that exudes the feeling of love and romance. I purchase and style for almost all of my shoots. I particularly love to style my client's boudoir sessions with lingerie from Agent Provocateur shown in this photo. The next bridal boudoir season is right around the corner and I've taken all of my vitamins and shopped the heck out of new lingerie and cannot...


Some of you may know that before I became a boudoir photographer, I started as an intern at Playboy Studios. I helped set up lighting for the two main photographers Arny Freytag and Steven Wayda. I was amongst some of the most talented assistants that were successful photographers themselves. I learned a lot there. I have to say that everyone was generous in their teachings and how much they mentored me. I can setup a playboy lighting set like nobody's business;) Thanks to the crew, I still used this setup along with all the modern lighting for all my boudoir shoots. Here is a behind...

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So I ordered this two piece bridal boudoir lingerie set from Russia. It's handmade and I cannot wait to try it on my next bridal boudoir client. We are booked the rest of August and almost all of September and with the second wave of bridal boudoir season coming up in October, I know there's going to be at least a few ladies that will take full advantage of this handmade beauty. I know just how to light it to show off the beatiful texture of the lace.


Transitioning from Canon to Sony has been a frightening experience to say the least. I've been shooting Canon for uhum... 25+ years (insert monkey emoji with eyes covered here) I have loved my canons both film and digital. It's made beautiful boudoir and glamour images in my studio and on location for many years. I have sooo many canon lenses. BUT, I made the leap 3 months ago to switch to Sony because I felt that I needed to give myself a jolt and learn new technology that will only improve my photo taking experience and my boudoir images. I can focus better and faster while the client...