New Camera

Transitioning from Canon to Sony has been a frightening experience to say the least. I've been shooting Canon for uhum... 25+ years (insert monkey emoji with eyes covered here) I have loved my canons both film and digital. It's made beautiful boudoir and glamour images in my studio and on location for many years. I have sooo many canon lenses. BUT, I made the leap 3 months ago to switch to Sony because I felt that I needed to give myself a jolt and learn new technology that will only improve my photo taking experience and my boudoir images. I can focus better and faster while the client is moving in a waterfall scene. I can shoot in a super dark environment with only a glimmer of light coming in for those dark moody photos. I love my boudoir work and I do all I can do stay current in my business. I will never part with my canon bodies and lenses though.