Shopping for boudoir shoots

I love shopping for boudoir shoots! I can honestly say it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've recently purchased a lot of beautiful pieces. Many of them designer lingerie but also plenty of accents, and accessories that will fit any woman. Like this sexy tribal necklace that falls perfectly between breasts. I know the model here is super fit by the way but I can assure you I know how to light the rest of us women. Did I mention that most of my clients are over 35 with stretch marks, cellulite, c section and other scars? and oh yeah they're not all size 0,2s and 4s. I just don't like asking clients if I can post their images. I'd hate to make them uncomfortable in any way so many of my clients are model. Heidi in this photo started out as a client and did a boudoir shoot with me a few years back for her then boyfriend, then she did a boudoir calendar shoot, and then decided she wants to go into swimsuit modeling. I've shot her at least 5 times over the years. She's now shooting for Playboy and other publications. It can happen folks;)