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How to Prep For Your Shoot

how to prep for boudoir photo shoot

The nerves can get the best of you if you don’t plan ahead of time for the photoshoot of your dreams. The last thing you’d want is to go in unprepared and come out dissatisfied with something you were looking forward to for quite some time. 

Hence, we have collected a few dos and don’ts to help you calm your nerves and go about preparing for your shoot calmly. This will ensure that the photo shoot of your dreams turns out exactly how you want it, and you are happy with the result. Let’s have a look!

The Dos

The following pointers will help you gather yourself, prepare for the shoot, and expect what is to come. If you make sure to do these and take care of them, your shoot should be a smooth sailing process, at least from your part.

  • Arrive On Time

The first and foremost thing that you need to make sure of is to arrive on time. We suggest you put in all the effort to arrive on time as it will help you tremendously. You will get time to familiarize yourself with the place or the photography set and the crew involved. It will ensure that your shoot starts on time and wraps up in the slot given without any hassle.

  • Prep Your Hair, Skin, and Nails

It is important that you prep the three things that can make or break your shoot for you. Hair, skin, and nails play an essential part in a glamorous or boudoir photoshoot as this type of photography focuses on bringing out the best in you and accentuating your best features.

You can go about this ordeal by doing what you usually do but on time. For instance, if you exfoliate your face, body, and feet, make sure you do it this time a night before the shoot. Also, don’t forget to moisturize.

In addition to this, get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before. If you are unsure of the color options, we suggest neutrals, French tips, reds, and hot pinks are all timeless and sit well with almost any wardrobe. 

  • Take Your Body into Account

The chances are that you are already aware that getting into a shoot like this will demand you to expose your body. So to prepare for such a shoot, you have to take your body into account every step of the way. Like for instance, you should avoid natural sunscreens that leave a white residue on your skin to not show up in the pictures.

Deodorants or antiperspirants should be fine to apply that day as long as you rub them on your body so that they leave no marks. Similarly, wear loose clothing to prevent bra, panty, and denim pants or sock marks on the body. 

  • Get Waxed

You should not only come with clean, moisturized, and sun-screened skin but a smooth one too. It is also a great option to get a good wax or shave all parts necessary for a boudoir shoot if you are going for it. Go with your personal preference to whether wax all the parts or leave landing-strip, whichever works for you.

  • Talk to Your Stylist

Carry pictures of how you style your hair and makeup for going out daily or to parties to show the stylist as you arrive. This will give your stylist an idea of what you typically wear and are comfortable with. The rest is a matter of discussion between you, the stylist and Caroline.

Additionally, we emphasized earlier that preparing your hair is important. That is because your stylist will most likely use a curling iron to place soft waves in your hair. If you consider your hair to be frizzy and want gentle curls, then it’s probably a good idea to blow dry your hair with a large round brush the day before to prep for our stylist. However, make sure not to use a flat iron before the shoot, as this will inhibit your curls from staying put.  

Consequently, make sure you love your hair and makeup before we start the shoot. Communicate thoroughly with your stylist and makeup artist.  If there is anything that you would like to be changed, let them know before the shoot. They are more than happy to tweak anything for you.  

  • Take Care of the Little Details  

There are always the little details that take up most time if not taken care of beforehand. Therefore, if you bring your wardrobe from home, make sure that you’ve tried on your outfits at home or the store and that everything fits well before you arrive for your shoot. 

If you are bringing in garter belts or thigh highs and lingerie, make sure it all fits well and that you have cut off all the tags from your items. If you are on your period, then don’t fret. Just be sure to trim your tampon string as close to your body as possible. Also, don’t forget to bring extra tampons. 

  • The expectation on the Shoot Site

Keep your breakfast light for the day as you will be very active throughout your shoot.  However, our team and crew will provide you with some light snacks to keep you going. Make sure that you text Caroline your temperature the night before and then again in the morning of your shoot. We will check your temperature again before you come in.

When you arrive at your shoot location, please come to the door with your mask on and ring the doorbell. An assistant will meet you at the door and go through our Coronavirus protocol with you.  Again, they will check your temperature at the door and ask you to wash your hands before you meet your hair and makeup crew.  We do this protocol for everyone upon entry. 

The Don’ts

Following are some tips that will help you better understand how to go about your shoot and what not to do in particular.

  • Don’t do anything drastic like lasers and peels before your shoot.  
  • Don’t bring anyone to the shoot along with you.  
  • Don’t work out on the morning of your shoot.  You’ll need to save your energy for the day. In fact, try not to do a hard workout routine a day or two before the shoot.  You don’t want to be too sore and inflexible. Instead, do stretch your body the night before and a few minutes in the morning.
  • Tanning is not an absolute necessity.  Tanning beds are fine if you use them regularly and know you will not look burnt for your shoot. Spray tanning is also a good option but make sure to have rinsed it a couple of times before your shoot. Also, keep the color light on hands, elbows, knees, and ankles.  Avoid discoloration of the bottom of your feet during spray tanning as much as you can. 
  • Don’t worry about your tan lines. Much of it will be blended with lighting and editing anyway. 
  • Don’t wear any type of body makeup, lotions, or perfumes on the day of your shoot. Your skin should just be well moisturized the night before.  
  • Do not bring cigarettes as smoking is not allowed even outside. Alcohol or other drugs are also completely prohibited. We understand that you may feel a bit nervous and would want to take the edge off, but we also know that within 15 minutes of your shoot, you’ll relax knowing you are in good hands and your photos are looking great!  We also want you totally alert to take posing directions given to you throughout the entire shoot. 
  • It is important to note that clients are not permitted to take pictures with their own camera at any time when in our studio. 

What to Bring – Make a List

It is always a great idea to make a list of what you want to take with you on your shoot day and plan and pack accordingly. Here are some items that we require you to bring when coming to our shoots.

  • A black lacy thong (not a G-string) and a basic or lace nude thong.
  • Any lingerie you have at home that you know fits you, especially basics that are unique to you, such as push-up bras and strapless bras to wear under our dresses. Although, we are more than happy to assist you in this regard as we have a collection of beautiful lingerie and accessories in sizes extra- small and large. 
  • However, to ensure fit, curvier ladies (sizes large and up) are encouraged to bring or shop for at least two sets of lingerie.  Bring 1 set of black lingerie and 1 set of pink or white lingerie (either one-piece or two pieces). See below for a list of curvy lingerie shops we love.
  • One black pair of sexy heels that is preferably 3-4 inches. We have started carrying sexy heels in select sizes, so ask us if you don’t have any yourself. No need to go shopping for this. 
  • We have many shades of lip color here that we sanitize for re-application, but if you have a favorite lip gloss/lipstick, feel free to bring it with you.  
  • Anything you want to incorporate in your photos, like his necktie, sports props, jerseys, etc. It is completely optional but a great idea if you want to apply.
  • Any shoe/slipper you can easily slip in and out of to walk around in.
  • Don’t forget your hairbrush.
  • If you are interested in shooting glamour, please bring your best jeans, flattering tops. We also just recently added a beautiful dress collection sizes XS-L. 
  • Carry your wallet to purchase from the collections if you may like something.

If you are looking for a photo shoot of your dreams, hit us up today!

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